Water Resources Management
water resources systems
climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources
monitoring, remediation, assessment and protection of water resources
planning and management of water resources and water provision
watershed hydrology
erosion and sediment transport

Water Policies and Planning
development and realization of national and international policies on water
water economics
water efficiency including water footprint and virtual water calculations
changing patterns of water consumption and use

Sustainability and Water
Water Quality Assessment
Water Environment Protection
Water Restoration and Sustainable Use
unsustainable patterns of water consumption and use
water demand and consumption
water recycling and reuse

Aquatic Ecosystems
ecology of water resources
Degradation of Aquatic Ecosystems
Marine Ecology
Freshwater Ecology
Aquaculture and Environmental Impacts
Aquatic Ecosystems Maintenance and Preservation

Water Pollution
contaminant sources, sorption, diffusion, transformation, volatilization and transport
physics, chemistry and biology of water
electro-analytical and environmental chemistry
pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment
Chemical Water Pollution
Marine Water Pollution

Wetland Systems
integrated constructed wetlands
treatment wetlands
ecosystem restoration

water and groundwater interactions
soil and aquifer properties
groundwater flow and well hydraulics
hydro-geochemistry and contaminant hydrogeology
Groundwater Contamination and Protection

Sustainable Drainage
Surface Water Management
Storm Water Management
Runoff Control
Extreme Hydrological Events
Sustainable Flood Retention Basins
Permeable Pavement Systems
Hydrologic Numerical Simulation
Hydrologic Model

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment
Domestic and Potable Water Treatment
Agricultural Wastewater Treatment
Water Purification
Development of Analytical Methods for Emerging Contaminants

Special Sessions
Special Session on Coastal vulnerability and Climate Change
Special Session on Estuarine Water Quality Management: Current and future challenges
Special Session on Assessing Hydrological Extremes in A Climate Change: Methods and Measures
Special Session on "Integration of Remote Sensing & GIS application for Urban and Rural Ecological Water Resources"