Invited Speaker

Dr. Soufiane Haddout

Dr. Soufiane Haddout

Department of Physics
Faculty of Science
Ibn Tofail University
Speech Title: Numerical Modeling of Thermal Structure in Lake Sidi Ali (Morocco)

Abstract: Lakes hold a large majority of Earth’s liquid freshwater, support enormous biodiversity, and provide key provisioning and cultural ecosystem services to people around the world. Water temperature is a fundamental physical property with a direct impact on all organisms inhabiting the aquatic environment. Because predicting the water temperature is important for maintaining water quality and for ecosystem management. Additionally, lake water temperature is one of the key parameters in determining the ecological a condition within a lake, as it influences both chemical and biological processes. In this note, the Sidi Ali Lake was selected as the research object, and the Bulk freshwater lake model is used to simulate the variation of thermal regime affected by climate changes over a 35-yrs period. It is demonstrated that the model reproduces the results of field measurement data for all observed period. The numerical results for the thermal regimes are in the best quantitative and qualitative agreement with the real vertical profiles, which suggests that the predictive model can be used to obtain a first-order estimation of water temperature in Moroccan’s Lakes.

Keywords: Water temperature; Field observations; Numerical model; Sidi Ali Lake (Morocco).

Schematic of a vertical temperature profile in a thermally stratified lake and the corresponding self-similarity coordinates.