Invited Speaker

 Prof. Ahmad Zaharin Aris

Prof. Ahmad Zaharin Aris

Department of Environment and Institute of Advance Technology
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Selangor, Malaysia
Speech Title: Environmental pollution, daily exposure, and potential risk of endocrine disrupting compounds

Abstract: The worldwide extensive urbanization in terms of economy, industrial, and population have caused deterioration of environmental quality. Further, the issue concerns not only the environmental contamination level and ecological risks associated, but also human exposure via daily dietary intake. Prevalent contamination and potential risk of exposure of emerging contaminants i.e., endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) were observed in food and drinking water supply. This indicates inadequacy of the current treatment technologies and regulatory exercises in addressing the whole spectrum of water pollution and pollutants evolution, which requires effective risk communication and governance since the impacts might have been underestimated due to the relatively low knowledge and awareness. The emerging quality issues of food and water supply require development of strategies with application of methods and technologies to reduce the effects of pollution in the environment, particularly those having direct contact with humans such as food and water.

Keywords: Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs); Emerging contaminants; Surface water; Drinking water; Wastewater; Holistic approach

Biography: Dr. Ahmad Zaharin Aris is a Professor at Universiti Putra Malaysia and appointed as the Deputy Director of Institute Advanced Technology. Professor Zaharin’s research focuses on hydrochemistry, environmental chemistry and environmental forensics particularly on the identification, fate, remediation and health relevance of metals and emerging pollutants in the environment. His work has won many awards and pioneers to many where some have been used in environmental policies and guidelines ratification locally and internationally. He now leads multidisciplinary research work as well as environmental translational research activity through working in partnership with policy makers in translating research outputs through public engagement. He has authored or co-authored more than 350 papers in international journals or books. He currently serves as an Editorial Board Member for many journals for example Scientific Reports and Environmental Geochemistry and Health.